RUUUDE!!! The Feedback Game for the Socially Incorrect

Created by Ryan Basham & Jessica Lee

RUUUDE!!! The Feedback Game for the Socially Incorrect
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247 backers pledged $10,710.00 on Kickstarter

A playfully mean-spirited card game that combines celebrities and hashtags to spontaneously generate roast-worthy one-liners.

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$10,710.00 / 247 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: December 2016
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Learn About Our Project:

Are you tired of wasting your most brilliant and cutting witticisms in everyday conversation? Do you wish that there was some sort of formalized competition, where you could earn a superficial reward or sense of accomplishment for thinking a mean yet funny thing about a celebrity, and then saying that thing out loud in front of friends and casual acquaintances?

Well, you are in luck, friend, because all of your dreams are about to come true.

Or at least this one, oddly specific dream.

RUUUDE!!! (/ruːd/ /chk/ /chk/ /chk/) is a hilarious* game where you combine "Hot Shot" (celebrity) and "Hashtag" (category) cards to create your best put down.

It's a card game that lives in the same universe as Cards Against Humanity, yet shares absolutely no affiliation with it, on the off chance that their lawyers are reading this.

It’s a playfully mean-spirited roast game where you use the noun cards in your hand to roast each round’s given celebrity, politician, or other famous figure. Imagine playing "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" with Lisa Lampanelli or Bianca del Rio, just to throw out several additional proper nouns that we are not affiliated with, lawyers. 

* Hilariousness level may vary depending on players involved; if we could make your boring friends awesome, we'd be hitting them up for money directly.

I Like Making Fun of People Who Are More Successful Than Me! How Does It Work?

You’ve already taken the first step by nursing that seething resentment—welcome to the club! And you’re about to take the second step by making sure that this Kickstarter is funded, even if it costs you everything you own and the respect of everyone you love.

The third step is to deal a hand of seven Hashtag cards to every player and select a judge. The first judge is the player who has had the longest drought in their sex life. If there’s any debate about this, remember: pics, or it didn’t happen.

The judge turns over a Hot Shot card, which features the name of someone that hopefully any culturally literate person will recognize. This is just one of the many reasons you probably don’t want to play this with your mom, or children under the age of 25.

Each player takes turns selecting one of their Hashtag cards—which feature uncomfortably specific phrases like “$0.99 Store Condom” or “Eating Disorder”—to incorporate into an improvised roast-style insult that ideally causes the judge to laugh until they pee a little bit. That player wins the round, and then the player to the judge’s left becomes the next round’s judge.

Here's a flowchart:

Play continues until someone says something that they can’t take back, followed by an awkward silence, followed by somebody asking if it’s really that late, boy, time really flies when you’re having fun, and we should definitely do this again sometime, no, really, it’s all good, I’m just tired.

Just Who Do You People Think You Are?

We're not sure that we appreciate that tone, but since you asked: We’re both entertainment industry veterans (Ryan is a film/TV producer and former talent manager, Jessica is an actor and former supermodel), and we’re both effing hilarious. We met doing transformational personal development work, and discovered that we both give constructive feedback in the form of metaphor.

One day, we got silly, and hilarious comic insults were born. Since then, we’ve decided to stop at nothing to unleash this game on snarky smart people the world over. Unless it costs us any significant money out of our own pockets, which is where you come in. Where Are My Hypothetical Dollars Going?

100% of your dollars are going to the actual production of the RUUUDE!!! decks themselves, from final card artwork and packaging design to printing and packaging the game.

(Oh, and then we have to give Kickstarter their cut. And pay the folks who are helping us run this campaign. And maybe buy some Facebook ads to promote it.)

Every dollar over our goal will be used to create even MORE celebrity and hashtag cards, ultimately making the world a funnier but worse place.